The best 5 tips to keep your space clean

Your space, whether it is your home or your work environment, should be kept clean and tidy, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve it due to lack of time. To do this, we give you 5 tips that will help you make this an easier task.


2/22/20232 min read

Having a sparkling clean space will help you get the comfort you need. Write down these little tricks because, without a doubt, the "me" of the future will thank you once the day and the week are over.

  • 1. Establish a daily routine

    Create a list of the most important activities for you; such as washing clothes, sweeping, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets... Distribute them throughout the week, according to the time you can dedicate to them each day. This will help you not have to make an effort in such heavy cleaning by letting everything accumulate for a single day.

  • 2. Spot clean immediately

    It is essential that you clean the stains immediately, if you wait for time to pass after something has been spilled, it will be more difficult to remove the stains when they are dry. In addition, depending on the substance that produced them, they are capable of damaging surfaces. For this reason, once you see the stain, immediately wipe it with a freshly wet cloth or find out what chemical can help you remove it.

  • 3. Grooming pets

    Animals can dirty the floors, walls, sofa, beds, etc. However, if you keep your pet well cleaned, you will avoid stains, insects, bacteria and bad smell. In addition, this little life partner will also thank you because it contributes to their well-being and health.

  • 4. Keep clothes organized and not piled up

    Sometimes it usually happens that when you are in a hurry to leave or you have arrived tired from work, you leave your clothes in the closets, common places or in the drawers. For this, the ideal is that when you take off a piece of clothing, you always place it in a place designated for it and that you reserve a day of the week to organize it and wash what is necessary.

    On the other hand, always try to keep clothes clean, folded or hung in the closets. Thus, it will be easier to know what you can wear and what not.

  • 5. Hire cleaning services

    Last but not least, it is true that many times we are crammed with work, that we only come home to rest and/or care for our children or family and we do not have the necessary time to carry out any of these tasks, for this reason One of our tips is to regularly hire the cleaning services of a company that meets your requirements. If you prefer, you can place this extra work in their hands.

    The services of a cleaning company can save you time, headaches and, above all, give you the necessary time so that you can enjoy the company of your family.

Having order and keeping the home clean, in addition to giving it a good appearance, helps make your life more harmonious and reduces stress; since you will feel comfortable with everything that surrounds you.