How to sign up for the referral program?

This program is simple and easy to understand, to belong to our referral program you can do it in two ways, the first is to have an open contract with us, that is, you have already used our services. The second way is by becoming an "Agent R", to be an "Agent R" you just have to fill out the contact form, let us know and our Customer Service team will contact you.

What benefits do I get with the referral program?

The referral program gives you the possibility of obtaining discounts for future cleanings that you wish to carry out with the service provided by our company. For every client that you refer and open a contract with our company, you will receive a bonus of $10 USD.

How to get referrals?

You can recommend our services to your family, co-workers, friends or share it on their social networks, the more people you reach, the more chances you have to accumulate bonuses and get discounts on future cleanings.

How does the referral program work?

Once you are in our referral program you will get a unique number that will define your participation in the program, that number must be used by the person who receives your recommendation about our company and opens a contract with us, once the contract is complete. open you will receive the corresponding bonus and you will be notified through your email, this bonus is cumulative and you can check its status through the Customer Service team of our company. Whenever you want you can use the total bonuses you have received to cover part of the cost or the total cost of your future cleanings.