Everything you need to know about us

Our history

We are a family cleaning company, for many years we have dedicated ourselves to cleaning services with extensive experience in the residential and tourist sectors.

We clean because we like it and because we are experts in the field, we have staff capable of dealing with any type of problem in the area of ​​cleaning. We perform Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and specific services for Move In and Move Out.

We are in Aberdeen, SD, and we have a wide catalog of cleaning products that adjust to the needs of your space and give us the possibility of developing cleaning jobs on windows, mirrors, floors, bathrooms, rooms, beds, carpets, kitchens, appliances, ceilings and anything that is in our way and needs a touch of magic to make it clean and shiny.

We are characterized by our transparency, experience, honesty and desire to work.

Get in touch with us, ask what you want and we will be happy to assist you to make your space a clean place.

Rico Cleaning